Transcona Nationals Football Club is organized 100% by Volunteers.
THANK YOU to all the Volunteers who make our club a success!

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Volunteers are always needed throughout the entire season.

Volunteering Requirement:
3 post dated cheques dated August 1, September 1, October 1 for $100.00 each.
Volunteer Refund Eligibility:
One shift is required by the end of each month .  If a shift is not completed for that month that cheque will be cashed. If the shift is completed by the end of the month, that cheque will be returned.  If you have more than one child playing, you are required to do more than 1 shift in a month. (example, two children playing football – 2 shifts per month is required)
Volunteering – 1 shift is equivalent to:
3 hours in the canteen or at the BBQ
1 game day stick crew (Atom – Midget)
Must check in with a board member.  The canteen will have a sign in sheet that must be signed to verify that you have checked in for your shift.  We will also require the name of the football player that you are volunteering for.
Cancellations must be 24 hours before the scheduled time or cheque will be cashed.
If you do not show up for your scheduled shift, your cheque will be cashed.
If the cashed cheque has a NSF charge or a stop payment, the player will be suspended until cheque issue is resolved.  

To sign up for volunteering - Please sign up online at :

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Please check in at the Canteen prior to your start time to ensure you are credited with the shift.

In an effort to keep all activities open for players, parents and fans,
if you've signed up to volunteer you may be asked to assist in
other areas when we are short volunteers.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Remember we are volunteers and parents too!